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What You Get When You Become A Hero

The Restaurant Heroes has built a turnkey program to turn your hard work into recurring income

Exclusive Reseller Rights to Platforms Restaurants Need!

Imagine an exclusive territory where you, the Certified Restaurant Advisor, have sole reseller rights to software that every restaurant needs.


Certification Program

Years of tech experience put into convenient video clips to consume from the comfort of your home or office. Each chapter concludes with a thorough test to ensure your mastery of the subject matter.

SmartAppointment Program

Every Restaurant Hero has the opportunity to participate in the SmartAppointment program. These are in-person meetings with restaurant owners or general managers to review technology recommendations (Retail value $2,500).

You will have the option to purchase additional SmartAppointments as desired.

Proprietary ‘Assessment & Proposal’ Tool

We have built a tool that makes it easy for you to review, assess, and plan a strategy to get your restaurant client into the 21st century.

Our proposal tool lays out a detailed plan for implementing each piece of tech over time, in order of maximum benefit to the client. Carefully spaced target dates ensure that your recommendations aren’t overwhelming to the owner.

Client & Payment Management System

Easily manage your business with our custom-built CRM (Client Relationship Management) system, which tracks your clients, details which software they’re using, and ensures that you get paid for each one.

Saves you time and frustration, as virtually all billing is done for you, automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Restaurant Heroes?

Simply put, Restaurant Heroes are experts at helping restaurant owners in their community use the power of technology to dramatically improve their profit margins. Restaurant Heroes come from many walks of life, including service industry workers, retired military members, recent college graduates, and entrepreneurs.

Who is the team that supports The Restaurant Heroes?

Alex Minicucci started the company to help support an industry that is in dire need — an industry he loves and is passionate about. He has assembled a world-class team of sales experts and technologists to support you.

What does certification cost?

A one-time certification and territory fee of $5,990

Can anyone become a Restaurant Hero?

Unfortunately, no. But, almost anyone can apply. This market-exclusive license is awarded based on a number of factors, among them capital readiness, business acumen, and work ethic.

Will I be trained even if I have little or no hands-on technology experience?

Yes. The team at The Restaurant Heroes has developed a detailed training regimen for all licensees who will be certified through Restaurant Heroes University. In fact, a strong work ethic and ability to focus are much more important than previous sales or technology experience.

Do I have to make sales all on my own?

No. Each software partner offers their internal sales team as a resource, so a Restaurant Hero does not necessarily have to sell anything on their own if they don't want to.

How can I generate income as a Restaurant Hero?

A Restaurant Hero will generate income in one of two ways: consulting and software. You will earn a monthly consulting fee from each restaurant and hospitality client you sign up, generally on a 12-month contract. Secondly, you will earn passive commissions on each and every software platform your clients implement. Clients will secure better-than-market pricing through you, and your commissions will be paid by our technology partners.

How much income can I reasonably expect to make as a Restaurant Hero?

You will charge between $99-$299 as a recurring monthly consulting fee to each of your clients, plus you will earn between $75-$300+ in recurring platform commissions, depending on which software titles your clients need.

You will earn between $175 and $600+ per month, per client. How many clients you choose to handle will be up to you...but, in a typical territory, Restaurant Heroes will manage between 20-40 clients.

What are the license fees?

A monthly fee of $450 is required to maintain your Restaurant Hero license, which includes access to our experts, Restaurant Heroes University, and partner services. Minimum one-year commitment required.

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