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Missed Call Prevention & Conversion - StrideQ

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The average restaurant misses 10-20 calls per day and that lost revenue adds up fast! StrideQ's automation technology; Call Conversion, Catering AI, and Missed Call Protection, prevents missed phone calls and automatically converts phone calls into online revenue. 
Restaurants love the effortless technology as there is zero up-front cost, no need for staff training, integrations, or changes to their current phone system. Additionally, all products are customizable and are equipped with trackable results allowing restaurants to see the growth while the results enable data driven decisions.
StrideQ is offering a 30-day risk-free trial. There is zero cost, and no form of payment is required for a restaurant to start a free trial.
"StrideQ is excited to launch a new partnership with The Restaurant Heroes. Together, we will help restaurants grow their revenue and reduce labor costs while providing an amazing off-premise customer experience. 

By joining forces with The Restaurant Heroes, StrideQ will drive more online orders, online reservations, catering orders, gift card sales (and more) for all restaurants that work with the Restaurant Heroes."
- Jordan Vasquez, EVP, Sales & Business Development 
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