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Restaurant Management System: Restaurant365

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Our mission is to help you excel in the competitive restaurant consultancy market. As part of our commitment to success, we are proud to introduce our featured partner, Restaurant365, an all-in-one restaurant management software solution. By setting up restaurants with Restaurant365, our certified Restaurant Consultants can earn commission and offer exceptional value to their clients.

Meet Our Favorite Restaurant Management System: Restaurant365

Restaurant365 is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline restaurant operations, improve margins, and drive growth. With its innovative features and seamless integration, Restaurant365 can transform the way your clients manage their businesses.

Industry-leading Restaurant Accounting Software

Restaurant365's Accounting module offers frictionless POS integration, a direct general ledger connection, accounts payable automation, and real-time reporting. This powerful tool helps restaurants improve their margins and scale without adding overhead.


Master Your Back-Office Restaurant Operations

With Restaurant365's Store Operations module, the back office connects seamlessly to the front-of-house, driving better margins through real-time inventory management, automated purchasing, forecasting, food costing controls, data-driven scheduling, and smooth shift-to-shift communication.

Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Workforce

Restaurant365's Workforce module enhances productivity and modernizes the employee lifecycle. This comprehensive workforce management software provides industry-leading hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits tools to optimize your clients' workforce management.

Power Restaurant Growth with Dynamic Data On-Demand

The Intelligence module in Restaurant365 helps you effortlessly visualize, blend, and understand internal and third-party data, allowing your clients to focus on improving operations and driving growth. Spend less time digging for answers and more time implementing effective strategies.

Why Become A Restaurant Consultant?

By partnering with Restaurant365, our certified Restaurant Consultants can add value to their services and earn commission for each successful setup. This win-win partnership allows you to grow your consultancy business while providing a top-notch software solution for your clients.

How To Start A Consulting Business

To become a certified Restaurant Consultant and benefit from this fantastic partnership opportunity, complete our comprehensive training program. Once certified, you'll be ready to launch your consultancy firm and start offering Restaurant365 to your clients.

Join The Restaurant Heroes today and let's work together to create a successful network of restaurant consultants, driving change and progress in the industry. With Restaurant365 by your side, you'll be well-equipped to lead your clients to success and grow your consultancy business.


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