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The Restaurant Heroes & PopMenu: Enhance Your Consultancy

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We are dedicated to helping you excel in the restaurant consultancy market and, as part of our commitment, we have partnered with PopMenu, an innovative platform that revolutionizes restaurant websites and online presence. By setting up restaurants with PopMenu, our Restaurant Consultant Training Program can set you up to earn commission while offering an incredible value to their clients.

PopMenu is a comprehensive solution designed to transform restaurant websites with stunning design, interactive menus, and seamless online ordering. This powerful platform enables your clients to elevate their online presence, drive customer engagement, and boost revenue.

Key Features of PopMenu

Website Design

PopMenu's website design feature provides restaurants with visually appealing, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly websites. These professionally designed websites help restaurants make a lasting impression, attracting more customers and enhancing brand identity.

Interactive Menu

The interactive menu feature in PopMenu allows restaurants to showcase their dishes with captivating images, customer reviews, and social media sharing options. This interactive approach encourages customers to explore the menu, promoting engagement and increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.

Online Ordering

PopMenu's online ordering feature streamlines the ordering process for both customers and restaurants. With a seamless integration into the restaurant's website, this feature allows customers to place orders effortlessly, while restaurants can manage orders efficiently and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Marketing Automation

PopMenu's marketing automation feature helps restaurants boost customer engagement and retention. With targeted email campaigns, SMS marketing, and personalized promotions, restaurants can effectively connect with their customers and drive repeat business.

AI Phone Answering

PopMenu's AI phone answering feature ensures that restaurants never miss a call or reservation. This intelligent system automatically handles incoming calls, answering questions, and taking reservations, providing a seamless customer experience while reducing the workload for restaurant staff.

Earn Commission as a Culinary Consultant

As a certified Restaurant Consultant, you can partner with PopMenu to help your clients enhance their online presence and boost their revenue. By setting up restaurants with PopMenu, you'll not only provide them with a cutting-edge solution but also earn a generous commission for each successful integration.

How To Become A Restaurant Consultant

To become a certified Restaurant Consultant and take advantage of this fantastic partnership opportunity, simply complete our comprehensive training program. Upon completion, you'll receive your license and certification, and you'll be ready to establish your own consultancy firm.

Join The Restaurant Heroes today and work alongside PopMenu to create a thriving network of restaurant consultants, driving change and progress in the industry. With PopMenu by your side, you'll be well-equipped to lead your clients to success and grow your consultancy business.

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