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Expand Your Restaurant Clientele with GiftBar

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The Restaurant Heroes is proud to feature GiftBar as one of our valued partners. By integrating GiftBar's universal gift cards into your clients' businesses, you not only increase their customer reach but also provide a convenient solution for gift-giving. As a certified Restaurant Consultant, you have the opportunity to earn commission by connecting restaurants with GiftBar's versatile gift card program.

Universal Gift Cards: A Winning Solution

GiftBar's universal gift cards are accepted at all participating merchants, making them an ideal gift choice for any occasion. With the increasing popularity of gift cards, partnering with GiftBar can significantly boost your clients' revenue and attract new customers. By offering a convenient and flexible gift card solution, your clients can cater to a broader market and benefit from the increased spending that gift cards typically generate.

Earn Commission as a Restaurant Consultant

As a certified Restaurant Consultant, you play a pivotal role in the success of your clients' businesses. By facilitating GiftBar partnerships, you not only help your clients grow their customer base but also earn commission for your valuable services. GiftBar's partnership program rewards Restaurant Consultants for their efforts, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

Join The Restaurant Heroes and GiftBar Today

Partner with GiftBar and The Restaurant Heroes to enhance your consultancy services and provide your clients with a profitable gift card solution. GiftBar's universal gift cards can help your clients stand out in a competitive market, while you can enjoy the benefits of earning commission for your expert guidance. Start setting up restaurants with GiftBar today and contribute to the success of the restaurant industry.

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