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Restaurant Heroes: Earn More with Commission Buddies

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The Credit Card Processor That Pays You

Traditionally, credit card processing fees include commissions paid to salespeople. Commission Buddies eliminates the middleman and pays those commissions directly to you, the business owner. This innovative approach allows you to earn more from every credit card transaction processed at the establishments you consult.

Compatibility with All Major Platforms and Systems

Commission Buddies is designed to work seamlessly with every major e-commerce platform, POS system, and mobile processing device. This compatibility ensures that your clients can continue to accept all major credit cards without any disruptions to their operations. Plus, if your clients don't have the necessary equipment, Commission Buddies will set them up at wholesale cost.

Monthly Commissions and Flexible Payment Options

With Commission Buddies, you'll receive your commission every month through your preferred method, either check or direct deposit. You can keep your existing rate and equipment, making the transition to Commission Buddies smooth and hassle-free. Your clients will appreciate the consistent and reliable income, while you enjoy an additional revenue stream.

Secure Platform and 24/7 Support

Commission Buddies' secure platform protects both you and your clients from fraud, ensuring peace of mind with every transaction. Their support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance whenever needed, so you can focus on delivering exceptional consulting services to your clients.

Earn More Through Referrals

Commission Buddies' referral program offers an opportunity for you to increase your earnings even further. By referring other businesses to their network, you can earn additional commissions, making it a lucrative partnership for your restaurant consulting firm.

No Long-Term Contracts

Commission Buddies believes in the value of their service, which is why they don't require long-term contracts. If you or your clients are not satisfied with the results, you can cancel your account at any time, ensuring a risk-free partnership.

Partner with Commission Buddies Today

Join The Restaurant Heroes and Commission Buddies in revolutionizing the way restaurant consultants and business owners earn from credit card transactions. Take advantage of this innovative partnership and start earning commissions by setting up restaurants with Commission Buddies today.

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