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Restaurant Consultant Toolkit: Craft Beer System

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At The Restaurant Heroes, we proudly partner with innovative companies that share our vision of empowering restaurant consultants and improving the hospitality industry. Our featured partner, BrewFirst, is transforming the way beer is brewed, served, and enjoyed in restaurants across the United States with their craft beer system. As a certified Restaurant Consultant, you can earn commissions by introducing BrewFirst's game-changing solutions to your clients.

High-Quality, Customizable Beer Selection

BrewFirst offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality, locally brewed beers to suit any taste. With their unique small-batch manufacturing approach, BrewFirst enables restaurants to serve an unmatched selection of private label beers, enhancing customer experience and establishing a unique brand identity. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to offer a diverse range of premium, fresh brews without the hassle of in-house brewing.

Cost-Effective, On-Premise Brewing Solution

BrewFirst's innovative model focuses on delivering exceptional beer at a lower cost for the hospitality industry. By partnering with BrewFirst, your clients can significantly reduce their beer expenses while still providing their patrons with an unparalleled selection of high-quality brews. The BrewFirst craft beer system requires no prior brewing experience, making it an accessible and attractive option for restaurants of all sizes.

Mobile Self-Serve Tap Units

Revolutionize your client's beer-serving experience with BrewFirst's patented QR code technology and fully mobile self-serve tap units. These machines eliminate the need for RFID devices and reduce transaction friction, providing a seamless customer experience. With the ability to offer a free 4-tap machine to any hotel, restaurant, bar, or event location, BrewFirst is changing the way beer is served in the hospitality industry.

Improve Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

BrewFirst's unique offerings not only enhance the customer experience but also drive revenue for your clients. By providing a wide variety of high-quality, private label beers and a cutting-edge self-serve system, BrewFirst enables restaurants to differentiate themselves from competitors and attract a loyal customer base.

As a certified Restaurant Consultant, partnering with BrewFirst presents a remarkable opportunity to add value to your services and generate commissions. Introduce your clients to BrewFirst's innovative solutions and help them elevate their beer offerings while maximizing profits.

Complete Training and Support

BrewFirst is committed to ensuring seamless integration with your clients' establishments. They provide comprehensive training and support, guiding restaurant staff through the process of brewing, serving, and maintaining their beer selection. With BrewFirst's expert guidance, your clients can confidently introduce their customers to an exceptional beer experience.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices

By partnering with BrewFirst, your clients can also showcase their commitment to sustainability. BrewFirst's local, small-batch brewing approach reduces the environmental impact of transportation and large-scale production. Additionally, their mobile self-serve tap units minimize waste and promote responsible consumption, contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious hospitality industry.

A Bright Future for Beer in the Hospitality Industry

BrewFirst's revolutionary approach to beer brewing and serving has the potential to reshape the hospitality industry, offering restaurants a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market. Lots of people are wondering "How to become a CEO at a young age" in 2023, and this is the perfect answer. As a certified Restaurant Consultant, you can play a crucial role in this transformation by connecting your clients with BrewFirst's innovative solutions.

Join The Restaurant Heroes and BrewFirst in revolutionizing the beer experience for restaurants, bars, and event locations nationwide. Learn how you can become a CEO and Embrace the future of the hospitality industry while helping your clients thrive with BrewFirst's unparalleled offerings.


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