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Empowering Aspiring Restaurant Consultants: The Restaurant Heroes & TouchBistro Partnership



Are you passionate about food and eager to play a pivotal role in the restaurant industry? The Restaurant Heroes are here to make that dream a reality.

TouchBistro Careers: Introducing Our Reseller Program

Our mission is simple: to empower aspiring restaurant consultants through comprehensive certification programs. We offer you the knowledge and tools necessary to guide your clients towards success in a competitive market. As a testament to our commitment, we've partnered with TouchBistro, a game-changing restaurant management solution. By introducing TouchBistro to your future clients, you can provide unparalleled value while earning a commission for every successful setup.

Key Features Of TouchBistro:

TouchBistro is an all-in-one restaurant management software designed to streamline operations, enrich customer experiences, and drive growth. With its innovative features and seamless integration, TouchBistro can revolutionize the way your future clients manage their restaurants. Let's take a closer look at the top eight key features of TouchBistro and how they can benefit your consultancy career:

  1. Reservations Management: TouchBistro's reservation system simplifies the booking process, helping your clients manage their restaurant's seating capacity effectively. By ensuring optimal utilization of available space, you can help your clients maximize revenue and provide memorable experiences for every guest.

  2. Online Ordering: In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is a necessity. TouchBistro's Online Ordering feature allows your future clients to accept takeout and delivery orders directly from their website, tapping into a massive online market while retaining all profits.

  3. Gift Cards: TouchBistro allows restaurants to create and manage both physical and digital gift cards, a proven strategy to build brand awareness, drive immediate cash flow, and encourage repeat visits. As a consultant, this feature will enable you to offer a valuable marketing tool to your clients.

  4. Loyalty Program: Building a loyal customer base is a top priority for any restaurant. TouchBistro's robust CRM and loyalty program feature aids in nurturing first-time guests into regular customers, enhancing your clients' brand reputation and customer retention rates.

  5. Marketing Automation: TouchBistro's integrated marketing platform automates restaurant marketing efforts, allowing your clients to connect with their guests more effectively. By streamlining marketing campaigns, restaurants can focus on delivering exceptional experiences while driving repeat business.

  6. Reliable Payments: TouchBistro Payments offers a transparent pricing structure and supports various payment methods. Its uninterrupted service, even during internet outages, can offer your clients peace of mind, knowing their business won't be disrupted due to technical issues.

  7. Kitchen Display System: Clear communication between front-of-house and back-of-house teams is crucial for a smooth-running restaurant. TouchBistro's Kitchen Display System enhances overall efficiency, reduces the likelihood of errors, and ensures customer satisfaction.

  8. Customer Facing Display: TouchBistro's Customer Facing Display improves the ordering process by allowing customers to review their orders before submission, ensuring order accuracy, reducing errors, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Earn Comission With TouchBistro

By offering TouchBistro to your future clients, you can add tremendous value to your services and earn a commission for each successful setup. It's a mutually beneficial partnership that allows you to grow your consultancy business while providing a leading-edge software solution. Are you already selling TouchBistro? If so, check out this AI website builder that can help you expand your offerings.

Becoming a certified Restaurant Consultant with The Restaurant Heroes is more than just gaining a title; it's about empowering yourself to help restaurants thrive in a competitive market. Our comprehensive training program equips you with the skills and knowledge to launch your consultancy firm and start providing TouchBistro to your clients.

So, if you're ready to transform your passion into a thriving consultancy career, join The Restaurant Heroes today. Together, we can make a significant impact on the restaurant industry and help eateries achieve their fullest potential. Equipped with TouchBistro, you'll have everything you need to guide your clients to success and grow your consultancy business.

Become a certified Restaurant Consultant today. The future of the restaurant industry is in your hands. Let's shape it together!


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